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Welcome to the Kingsbridge WikiEdit

Welcome to the unofficial community-made Kingsbridge wiki that anyone can edit!

We are currently looking for people who can find data about various upgrades, levels, and etc. Have a look at some of the pages and see if you can fill out some of the blanks!

News LogEdit

Updated 21-04-2014 We're currently missing some of the following information:

Alliances: Champion Statue information

Honor Level: Loads of information

Experience Level: Loads of information

Training Ground:  A bit of late-game upgrade cost/time information and lots of Training ground level requirements.

Common House: Late game information.

Noble House: Late game information.

Ballista Tower: Late game information.

Farm: Late game information

Quarry: Level 1 and 2 upgrade time

We've recently finished a rework of the Wiki which has moved all of the information previously found in the category pages to actual regular pages. Clicking the categories in the menu below will automatically redirect you to their new destinations.

This category section is going to serve as a temporary menu which will be integrated in the front page somehow in the future.

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